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What factors affect the magnetic separators magnetic separation effect

The following three factors affect the magnetic separation effect of magnetic separator:

1. Whether the magnetic field intensity of the magnetic separator is appropriate and whether the magnetic field force provided by the magnetic source of the magnetic separator is appropriate.After the magnetic material enters the magnetic field, the force depends on the magnetic field force of the point, and the magnetic field force not only depends on the height of the magnetic field, but also has a close relationship with the magnetic field gradient of the point.It is obviously wrong to ignore the selection of magnetic field gradient and blindly pursue high magnetic field intensity, which may directly lead to the low efficiency of magnetic separator equipment.The magnetic separator of shuosen mining machine adopts unique magnetic circuit design, it make the high-performance permanent magnet king NdFeB materials as the magnetic source, strong magnetic field, big attraction force, high iron removal rate, has the advantages of three maintenance, energy conservation, safe and reliable operation, feed quantity can be adjusted, used for different particles requirements.

2. Magnetic separator feeding speed and feeding particle size are suitable.The speed of feeding should be strictly in accordance with the design capacity of iron dressing equipment.Material particle size, strictly speaking, a good design of magnetic separation equipment can only be aimed at the strength distribution of relatively concentrated material separation, with a device to deal with a large difference in particle size of the material is bound to have no good results.That is to say, magnetic separator requires uniform feeding particle size.

3.Whether the unloading mode designed by magnetic separation equipment itself is reasonable.When the magnetic field captures the magnetic material, whether it is cleaned up in time so as not to affect the ability of the magnetic field to capture the next time, this is also an important factor.

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