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Environmentally friendly Raymond mill follows the market

With the development of industry, the demand for the use of milling equipment in the market has also achieved a breakthrough growth.The development of China's economy ,the demand of the market is constantly increasing the requirements for the mill.In response to the national environmental protection policy and in line with the development of the times, Desen Machinery has launched an environmentally-friendly Raymond mill to become a pioneer in milling equipment.

Desen's environmentally friendly Raymond mill has the following advantages:
1.Quality guaranteed
The core components of the mill are made of high-quality steel, which is matched with sophisticated technology to create a superior quality advantage.
2.High automation procedures and cost savings
Centralized control of PLC system design, intelligent operation of the grinding site, saving labor, time and other costs, reducing equipment failure, making the entire milling operation more economical.
Explosion-proof system design to reduce explosion accidents caused by dust, equipment aging or high water content.
4.High efficiency and environmental protection
High-quality plum frame design not only extends life, but also increases equipment capacity for more efficient operation,In addition, the equipment is sealed to reduce dust, and it is equipped with multi-effect dust removal and noise reduction equipment to achieve environmentally friendly grinding standards.

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