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Classification and replacement of hammers

The hammer head of the heavy hammer crusher is one of the core components of the heavy hammer crusher. The hammer head is arranged in sequence on the hammer shaft of the rotor inside the machine. The hammer head directly hits the material when the crusher runs at high speed, and finally breaks into the suitable needs of the user.

There are two types of hammer hammers currently available on the market, one for casting and one for forging, but the degree of wear is not the same. In order to achieve the desired wear resistance and strength, alloy steel, high manganese steel, cast steel, etc. Which are usually used for casting or forging, and then heat-treated. Tests and tests have shown that the weight of the hammer with a hard alloy steel hammer is better.

The method of replacing the hammer with a heavy hammer:
1. Clean the material inside the hammer and then adjust the rotor to the proper position.
2. Use the relevant equipment to remove the protrusion caused by the wear on both sides of the hammer head;
3. Place the removed hammer head, pin shaft, fixing sleeve and bolt to the place that does not affect the construction;
4. Lift the new hammer head to the crusher to prevent it from shifting; install a pipe from the trampoline to the rotor, hold the hammer to the appropriate position, pay attention to the head of the hammer head down; then install the fixing sleeve and Pins and bolts.
5.Observe the gap between the hammer and the sieve plate of the hammer breaking disk, adjust it properly, and then test the machine after installation. If you use a poor quality hammer and carry out cumbersome replacement and maintenance, you can not only reduce the cost, but also affect the normal working operation.

Therefore, here to remind the majority of users, when buying machinery and equipment related to crushing equipment, do not just choose cheaper hammers, and do a good job of production equipment at one time, the income is much cheaper.

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