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How to Identify the Quality of Ball Mill’s Bearings

The quality of the bearing is mainly judged from the following three aspects, according to the experience of producing and selling ball mill and components for many years.

1. Through the surface to feel the quality
In the process of selling bearing of ball mill, our salesman found that many customers said that the ball mill whose surface of bearing is bright has good quality. But it is wrong. The surface of bearing should be black bright. The reason is that the steel material used to make the bearing is up to the standard, and the grinding technology, the used cutting fluid and so on. Among them. The main reasons are the first two aspects.

2. Whether chamfer is bright or not
The chamfer of bearing is not to determine the quality of bearing, but it can reflect its process method. The chamfer is black after quenching and other heat treatment, which can increase the hardness of the bearing. However, some people think that black does not look good, and it is not processed completely, which is a misunderstanding.

3. Which one is better, integral cage or two cage
Integral cage is better than the two cage. Although all the new processes use the integral cage, it just saves materials, and the turning and other performances are poorer than the two cage.

Desen Machinery reminds that users should pay attention to the above three points to avoid the misunderstanding and choosing a bad-quality ball mill. In addition to the bearing itself quality, there are two factors to influence its lifespan. One is the using environment, and the other one is the installment method. Welcome to concern us and inquiry online.

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