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How To Increase Working Efficiency of Vibrating Screens?

There are many factors that will have serious effect on the working principle of the vibrating screens, thus influencing the productivity and profits of customers. Therefore, it is necessary for us to pay attention to these factors and try our best to think of effective measures to take to reduce the influence. Here our experts will show you some useful tips that will help you understand the working principle of the vibrating screen and do well in the full use of the machines.

First, we need to know that the width of the vibrating screen as well as the effective screening area has direct effect on the production amount. We should both realize the perfect handling capacity and the proper screening efficiency.

Second, the particle sizes of the materials that are to be screened are also important. For those tough materials and super fine materials, we can increase the vibrating angle of inclination and reduce the descending angle of cement screening surface, thus realizing the improvement of both the running speed and the yield amount.

Apart from the above factors, there are many other reasons that should be paid attention to. In the aspect of materials that are to be screened, the water content, flexibility and particle shape will all influence the working efficiency of the vibrating screen more or less. In general, the materials with little water content, good flexibility and regular particle size are quite easier to be screened. In addition, the structure, vibration frequency and screening area should also be considered by users in the real production.

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