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How to maintain a cone crusher?

The maintenance of the cone crusher is an extremely important part of the work, it should be extremely close to the operation and maintenance, should be full-time staff on duty check. Based on years of experience in the development of the research of Cone Crusher , Desen Heavy Machinery  has a mature method of maintenance and repair of the Cone Crusher.

1.There must be iron removal device to prevent the crushing chamber containing too much iron, if the  iron content is frequent too much, it may cause broken shaft accident.

2.Not at full capacity of production, otherwise there will be too coarse product size.

3.The crushing ratio in the production line is reasonable, so as to maximize the efficiency of the cone crusher.

4. Spring pressure can not be too tight, Too High Pressure will also occur off the shaft accident, too Low Pressure of the spring will frequently beat, which affecting the crusher normal work, and producting  the thicker size.

5.Lubricant temperature can not be too high or too low, and should be replaced frequently, otherwise it will affect the machine running.

6.Drive belt installation can not be too tight, otherwise it will cause the drive shaft rotation  unflexible or broken; which can not be too loose, otherwise it will cause cone crusher  to be jammed.

7.Feeding can not be too wet or too sticky, fine particles can not be too much, nor too big, otherwise it will cause jammed.

8.Discharge gate of the crusher storing  too much mineral  will also cause the machine to be jammed.

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