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How to improve the production efficiency of cone crusher?

In order to improve the production capacity of the cone crusher, a certain concentrating plant in China carries out the work according to the whole process of mineral processing and the nature of the ore remains unchanged.There are two main factors affecting the production efficiency of cone crushing. One is the lack of crushing capacity. The second is how to improve the defects of specific structures, reduce equipment damage or reduce the difficulty of maintenance.

First, the main key factors to improve the crushing capacity are the size of the crushing force, the structure of the crushing chamber, the design of the moving cone of the cone crusher and the swing frequency. The current transformation work is mainly carried out from the following two aspects.

1.Designing a new type of crushing chamber and increasing the crushing times of ore in the crushing chamber is an effective way to increase the production efficiency of the cone crusher.
2.Increasing the diameter of the safety cylinder and increasing the oil supply pressure of the hydraulic station can increase the crushing force, thereby achieving the purpose of improving the production efficiency of the crusher.

Second, while improving the production efficiency of the cone crusher, it is necessary to take into account the lack of specific structure of the equipment, which also affects the equipment operation rate.

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