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Can any stone be made of sand ?

With the popularization of artificial sandstone throughout the country, the mechanism sand industry has also developed drastically.Many customers are looking at the prospects of this industry and want to invest.The stones from different places have different types and nature.What stone can be used as a mechanism sand material? Many equipment manufacturers often receive similar inquiries from users.

Can the stone on the mountain be made to sand ?
We have a lot of limestone here, and we have a little bit of metal ore. Can we use it to make sand ?
Can the river pebble make sand?

The answer that most customers get is affirmative, that is, sand can be made, so the impression of the customer is that any stone can make sand. Is it really the truth?

Any stone can make sand. This sentence is too large and not strict.Although there are many types of stones that can be made in the mining industry, there are about 200 kinds of stones.

As we usually know,some stones can be used to make sand such as cobblestone, limestone, basalt, granite, quartz, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, barite, talc, pyrophyllite, illite, chalk.Basically, as long as the added value is not high and the water content is not large, the ore of the ore dressing grade can be used for sand making, and the tailings produced by the beneficiation can also be used for sand making.

Although there are many kinds of stones that can be made into sand, there are many unknown things. It is Any stone can make sand , but most of the stones we know can be used for sand making.

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