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What are the spare parts of cone crusher ?

The performance of the cone crusher is closely related to the wear of the spare parts. The main spare parts are as the following:

1.Wear of the crushing chamber
The parallel zone of the crushing chamber is the most severely worn and the fixed cone is worn at the entrance of the parallel zone. The moving cone liner wears more on the discharge opening. After the crushing chamber is worn, the cavity shape of the crusher changes greatly and completely loses its original shape, which seriously affects the crushing effect of the crusher.

2.Wear of the main shaft and the tapered bushing
Under normal working conditions of the crusher, both the main shaft and the tapered bushing have obvious wear marks on the upper and lower sides of the tapered bushing at a height of about 400 mm. If the main shaft and the tapered bushing are heavier in the lower part and the upper part is lighter, the moving cone will have a slight

instability phenomenon, and the crusher cannot operate normally.

3.Wear of the thrust plate and gear
The thrust plate wears more seriously along the outer circle. Because the outer ring wire speed is large, the wear is also faster than the inner ring. And because the skew of the eccentric bushing adds to its outer ring grinding. When the crusher is running, the large bevel gear is circularly wound around the crusher at a generally radius of the straight bushing gap, which causes additional shock vibration and additional wear during the operation of the gear to shorten the gear life.

4.Wear of rack and spherical bearing 
The wear of the spherical tile is gradually developed from the outer ring to the inner ring. When used in the later stage, the moving cone may be unstable. The spindle is stuck at the lower edge of the cone bushing, causing cracks in the lower edge of the tapered bushing, and even causing "flying" phenomenon and damage to the spherical tile. In 
addition to normal wear, it is generated crack.

5.Wear of eccentric bushings and straight bushings 
The wear of the eccentric bushing is shown along the height of the eccentric bushing, with the upper part being heavily worn and the lower end being slightly worn. The degree of upper wear is also gradually reduced from top to bottom. During the operation of the cone crusher, there is often a phenomenon that the straight bushing moves upward and the 
straight bushing generates cracks.

Cone crusher is one of the most effective and highly technical crushers. It is not only safe to use, stable in operation, high in energy efficiency, but also environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Welcome to consult!

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