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How to perform fluorite beneficiation?

The value of direct use after mining of fluorite is not great,after its beneficiation, the fluorine element can be selected 
for better application in industrial sectors such as aluminum, coolant, aerospace, aviation, glass, pesticides, additives, 
protective agents, glass, ceramics, and cement.What are the current methods for fluorite beneficiation?

1.Hand pick
Fluorite hand dressing is a very old and traditional beneficiation process,generally used for fluorite ore with clear 
boundaries between fluorite and gangue, easy removal of waste stones, and easy identification,which is a simpler and 
economical beneficiation method.However, it is rarely used at present, because there are few high-quality ores that are easy to be selected at present, and this method is difficult to choose.

2.Gravity concentration
Fluorite gravity concentration method is used to sort particle ore with high grade and moderate particle size (6-20mm),utilizing the combined effect of jig, shaker, spiral chute and other equipment to achieve ore separation.The method is simple, convenient and efficient, but it still faces the limited problem of beneficiation fluorite beneficiation.

The fluorite flotation method can be said to be a very effective fluorite selection process at present.Using of beneficiation 
equipment (ball mill, flotation machine) with corresponding collectors, inhibitors, etc.Which can achieve the separation of 
useful minerals in fluorite ore from gangue minerals such as quartz, calcite and barite.

Among various fluorite beneficiation methods, fluorite flotation is more commonly used,the method is more scientific, with a wide range of applications, and the selected fluorite concentrate has a high grade, which achieves the purpose of more 
reasonable mining and beneficiation of fluorite ore.If you want to learn more about fluorite flotation process, or want to buy fluorite flotation equipment, please feel free to consult us.

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