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How to measure the crushing force of a jaw crusher?

The size of the crushing force and the position of the action point of the jaw crusher are the basis for the design of the jaw crusher's mechanical strength,it is also an essential calculation parameter for selecting engine power.The crushing force of the jaw crusher can be measured by two methods: direct measurement and indirect measurement.

1.Direct measurement
Use four pressure sensors fixed on the rack to lift the fixed jaw plate through a spherical pad.When the crusher is working, the crushing resistance of the material in the crushing cavity is transmitted to the four indenters through the fixed jaw plate and the spherical pad. After measuring the strain signal of the indenter, the size of the crushing force and the position of the action point can be calculated.This measurement method has high accuracy. The disadvantage is that special pressure sensors and their accessories need to be processed and calibrated, and the front wall of the machine needs to be processed to install the indenter.

2.Indirect measurement
This measurement method is to measure the stress on certain parts, and calculate the magnitude of the breaking force and the position of the point of action by calculating the measured stress.Its great advantage is that it does not need to process special test components, and it does not need to repair the crusher.

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