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What are the mineral processing processes?

The beneficiation process is a process that represents the continuous processing of ore. Mineral processing is a continuous production process consisting of a series of continuous operations. The operations include crushing and sieving, grinding and grading. Its purpose is mainly to separate useful minerals from gangue minerals, useful minerals and useful minerals to achieve monomer separation and preparation for sorting operations.

1.Crushing of Ore

The ore that is mined from the mine is very large. In order to separate them from each other, that is, to achieve monomer separation, after the ore is sent to the plant, the ore is first crushed to a certain particle size, and then sent to

a grinding machine for grinding. The crushing operation of ore generally uses a jaw crusher. Medium crushing and fine

crushing often use a cone crusher, and in a few cases, it is also crushed by a roller crusher. Treatment of soft ores
(such as clay mines or coal mines) is generally crushed by impact crusher such as impact crushers and hammer mills.

2.Screening of Ore

The process of dividing loose material into different particle sizes through a sieve, called screening. In the concentrator, most of the screening is combined with the crushing operation.


Grinding is the continuation of the ore crushing process. The purpose is to separate all or most of the useful mineral
particles in the ore into monomer separation for sorting and particle size to meet the requirements of the sorting
operation. Grinding operations are mainly wet grinding, and generally form a closed loop with mechanical classifiers; but for water-deficient areas and certain water-repellent processes (such as cement plants, asbestos production processes or some dry beneficiation processes), there are also dry grinding.

In the grinding operation, the grading operation is usually used to match the materials with the qualified particle size
in time, which can avoid the over-grinding of the product and improve the grinding efficiency. At present, the most widely used mechanical classifier in the concentrator is the spiral classifier.

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