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The Delivery of Soil Leaching Repair System

We delivered a set of the latest soil leaching repair system today.Designed to produce 15-20 tons of contaminated soil per hour.

The main equipment includes soil scrubber, soil spiral leaching grading, soil hydraulic sieving, material handling and silo auxiliary system, detachable steel working platform, electrical control, etc.

The soil scrubber is mainly used for forced crushing and scrubbing of bulk soil materials, and the contaminated

components are sufficiently separated from the soil particles by mechanical external force.

The soil spiral leaching grading equipment is mainly used for leaching grading of materials, so that the aggregate of sand and gravel in the contaminated soil can be fully fractionated, and the reaction time of the medicament can be prolonged to improve the reaction effect of the medicament and improve the repairing effect.

The soil hydraulic screening equipment is mainly used to separate the fine sand aggregate in the mud, fully reduce the amount of contaminated mud filtration treatment in the latter stage, and improve the overall treatment efficiency.

Material handling equipment,detachable steel structure working platform and supporting silo can be customized according to the actual situation of the customer site.

The electrical control system realizes simple and safe operation of the equipment, and can also increase the intelligent control module according to the specific requirements of the customer, realize the intelligent control of the whole set of equipment PLC, and save labor cost.

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