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Future development trend of mining machinery industry

Mining machinery is an important part of China's equipment industry.After the high-speed development of mining machinery manufacturers during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the development foundation of China's mining machinery industry has been further strengthened, and industrial advantages have gradually become apparent.

However, the problems of small scale of industrial economy, weak concentration, weak market competitiveness, and insufficient innovation capacity are still outstanding. In-depth discussions on how to effectively solve these problems are especially important for improving the overall quality of mining machinery.

Cultivate large enterprise groups
Cultivating and developing large enterprise groups is an important means to improve the overall quality of industry.It is necessary to promote the strategic reorganization of state-owned enterprises to develop large enterprise groups, encourage and promote asset restructuring across regions, industries, and cross-owners, and further promote the concentration of state-owned capital to advantageous industries and concentrate on enterprises with strong core competitiveness.

Breaking through core technologies and strengthening the capacity building of independent innovation

"High-end manufacturing" means that industrial competitiveness has been upgraded from "Made in China" to "China's wisdom", which is also the development needs of China's economy after entering the stage of structural

transformation.The equipment manufacturing industry, especially the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, can only obtain the high-yield high-yield value if it has the core manufacturing capability, and then it can gradually gather the real competitive advantage and become the respected global market competition.

Improving the ability of independent innovation is an important support for improving the overall quality of industry.

It is necessary to intensify technological innovation and rely on major scientific and technological projects to break through core and key technologies.In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of industrial talents, including entrepreneurs, professional and technical personnel, industrial workers, industrial talent reserves, etc., to provide talent protection for strengthening the capacity of independent innovation and improving the overall quality of the industry.

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