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Dolomite Sand Making Machine is Environmentally Friendly and Efficient

Dolomite is a relatively common carbonate mineral, usually coexisting with minerals such as gypsum and stone salt. It is 
generally white, but also has other colors such as gray and brown. It is usually accompanied by glass luster. It is widely 

used in building materials and chemicals.Environmental protection, ceramics and many other fields.

The composition of dolomite is relatively special, and traditional sand making machines on the market are not representative, so it cannot achieve good sand making results, and the utilization rate of dolomite is generally low.The dolomite sand making machine produced by Desen Environment has strong pertinence and professionalism, and can basically achieve the ideal sand making effect.

Performance characteristics of dolomite sand making machine
1.Convenient operation
The components of the equipment are matched reasonably, effectively reducing the volume by 50%, so the operation is more flexible, and the automatic control system is adopted, which can run the equipment through the computer.Real-time monitoring and operation, basically no need for on-site personnel;

2.Efficient crushing
Efficient crushing: The crushing principles of "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron" can effectively improve the 
crushing efficiency of the equipment, and at the same time, the crushing cavity is deepened, and the dolomite material 
capacity can be greatly improved while increasing the output;

3.The effect is remarkable
The finished dolomite fine sand made by this equipment has strong quality, reasonable gradation, uniform grain shape, high purity, few impurities, and cube shape, and the particle size can be adjusted at will.

4.Green and environmental protection
For many years, our company has been calling for the country to devote to the production of green and low-carbon dolomite sand making machine. The equipment is basically free of dust and noise pollution during operation.

5.The dolomite sand making machine is cheap
Because the equipment is designed, produced and sold by our company, there is no intermediate manufacturer to make the difference, so the market is the ex-factory price, and the price is cheap.

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