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Choosing the right crusher according to the hardness of the material

The stone production line is a production line system composed of various equipment for the production of stone materials. There is no uniform standard for the stone production line, it is necessary to match the corresponding stone production line equipment according to the production requirements, production process and material hardness.

When the hardness of the material does not exceed 320Mpa, it is most suitable to adopt the secondary stone production line process. The production process is as follows: the stone material is sent to the jaw crusher for the first crushing by the vibrating feeder, and the material after the crushing of the crack is transferred from the conveyor to the secondary crusher for secondary crushing. The crusher of this process can be used. Impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher. After the second crushed material enters the vibrating screen and screens out the desired stones.

When the hardness of the material does not exceed 150 MPa, the material of such hardness does not have to use the secondary crushing . Under normal circumstances, it is formed once, and then the finished product is separated by vibrating screen. The primary crushing equipment in the stone production line of this process is a high-efficiency composite crusher, which is once broken into the required materials. The other process is the same as the first stone production line.

Different materials choose different stone production line processes, and stone material equipment produced by Desen can save costs and reduce unnecessary waste.

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