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Desen building stone crusher opens a new era.

This is really a "difficult" period in the construction industry, limited sand and gravel mining, strict environmental supervision, and the price of sand and gravel has risen nationwide. It is still difficult to find a sand even in the off-season .

Desen construction stone crusher is mainly divided into fixed and mobile, different working conditions, different cost inputs, different advantages, but the same is environmental protection, stable operation.

The common matching method of fixed crushing production line is: jaw crusher + cone crusher (impact crusher) + sand making machine + sand washing machine, or heavy hammer crusher + sand making machine + sand washing machine.The main feature of the fixed production line is that the process is mature. Choosing the right combination can almost crush any stone. It can achieve high-efficiency crushing and shaping for any ore and rock. The crushing ratio is large and the crushing efficiency is high.

The mobile building stone crushing equipment is suitable for  the stone field. It is widely used in building materials, construction, water conservancy, hydropower and other industries. The equipment is combined with crushing, screening, sand making and conveying equipment on the ship's steel frame. 

Whether it is a fixed stone crushing equipment or a mobile stone crushing equipment, it has excellent performance in the actual production process, suitable for all major production sites, helping users to achieve high green yield. If you are in need of such a device, welcome to visit our factory .

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