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What should we do if the grinding mill does not produce powder?

The grinding mill mainly produces some high-quality materials of sand and gravel aggregate through crushing and grinding processing, and supplies it to various industries. This equipment is widely used and becomes a commonly used milling equipment in the fields of construction, highway, mine construction and so on. However, many users have recently reported that the mill often does not produce powder, which seriously affects the production output, so what happens when the mill does not produce powder?

The mill can generally meet the production requirements, but for some reasons it will cause the mill to not produce powder as following:

1. The grinding machine is mainly made of grinding roller, grinding ring, blade and other parts. The various components are matched reasonably. However, due to the tight sealing of the locker during operation, the powder may be sucked up. If it happens, the mill will not be powdered.
2.In addition, the powdering machine is out of the powder situation, and the grinding machine blade may be worn out seriously with the increase of the use time. Under such circumstances, the grinding machine may not generate powder.

3.In another case, during the use of the mill, due to the untimely maintenance and maintenance, the venting of the vent is prone to occur, and it is very prone to the fact that the mill does not produce powder.

How to solve the problem that the grinding mill does not produce powder

1.Check the locker for leaks regularly and find the problem in time to avoid the problem of no powder.
2.In the production of mills, it is recommended to check the use of each part regularly.
3.Do a good job of venting circulation to ensure that the vents can be unblocked in the production of the mill.

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