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Why are mini jaw crushers so popular?

Small space and high output, which is one of the reasons why mini jaw crushers are popular.

The small alligator type lithotripter is also designed in combination with various aspects, especially the needs of users. The overall structure is more scientific and reasonable, the equipment, area and the site is small. Don't worry about it. Which 

can save civil investment and use Non-welded removable frame, optimized motion parameters, strong running stability, simpler maintenance work, and more reliable equipment quality.

An automatic control system is incorporated into the design, and production is controlled in the operating room. Operation 
comfort is increased, and a deep V-shaped crushing cavity is added. The cavity is deep and there is no dead zone. The capacity of the inlet is increased. It will be broken into finished products with the required size, and the output particle size can be adjusted according to demand. The particle size is uniform and the degree of coordination is high, and the output is increased at the same time.

The jaw crusher is added with a sealing system, equipped with dust collection, dust reduction and noise devices, meanwhile spraying devices are also arranged in key parts such as the discharge outlet, screening, and transportation, which effectively avoids the splash of dust and achieves environmentally friendly production.

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