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How should Raymond Mill be installed?

Buying a high-quality Raymond mill is the best result for the manufacturer. It is directly related to the company's production and operation, and the installation of Raymond mill is also the core step.

1. Look at the ground map of the Raymond mill, draw out the peripheral line of the pit, and focus on the location of the host.
2. Find the two central lines perpendicular to each other and lay four wooden piles on the outside of the pit. Sand washing machine, vibrating screen, coal mill.
3. Determine the center line of other machines based on the center line of the main unit and lay the piles on the periphery of the pit.
4. Digging the pit: According to the requirements of the drawings, the depth of the pit at the location of the host is guaranteed. The depth of the remaining positions can be determined according to the actual conditions of the foundation.
5. Die-casting reinforcement: put the mold in the bolt hole, reducer, blower, promotion machine, etc., and ensure the relative position of each hole, and lay the reinforcement at the host and blower.
6.Casting concrete: Ensure that the cement label is above 200. When the concrete is poured to a certain height, check whether the wood mold is the sandstone production line. If the positional relationship is accurate, the casting is inherited and the vibrating rod is continuously vibrated to ensure the quality. If it is heating measures must be taken during the freezing season and the maintenance period is 12 days after pouring.
7.The main body of Raymond mill is in place: it is possible that the main shaft of the main machine is installed in the hoisting and sand making production thread. If the gap between the upper end of the coupling and the gland is less than 10mm, it means that the central shaft has been lifted. At that time, it is necessary to hit the middle of the upper end of the plum blossom frame with a sledgehammer to reset the central axis.

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