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Is it efficient to use three dryers for the coal mill

Is it efficient to use three dryers for the coal mill

At present our country with the expansion of the scale of coal preparation plant, the traditional drying system cannot meet the demands for raw coal drying, need to design a professional drying equipment.To this end, our environmental research and development produced three dryers, which are specially used for the drying of coal burning coal.

Coal plant drying system: heat source, three-barrel dryer, dust collector, fan and coal storage.The heat source adopts the self-constructed anti-smoke dust and energy saving effect.By burning coal to produce hot flue gas, heat of flue gas by induced draft fan system is pumped into the three-cylinder dryer, the water content of about 15% of the raw coal drying, drying after smoke contains a lot of dust, the installation of flue gas purification impulse bag filter will be back into the atmosphere, after drying the raw coal to mill coal equipment manufacturing into a pulverized coal.

The three-cylinder dryer application effect: the three-cylinder dryer than single drum dryers reduce cover an area of about 50%, decrease the power consumption by 60%, the yield can increase 80%, unit volume evaporation intensity of 160 ~ 160 kg/m3, tons of dry material about 6-7 kg standard coal consumption.Because of the unique energy saving advantage of the three-barrel dryer, it has become more and more popular with more and more users.

Drying the raw coal with a three-cylinder dryer ensures that all technical measures meet the requirements, and the raw coal after drying can meet the demand of industrial production, and the quality is greatly improved.To understand the three dryers, please call our company.

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