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Mobile crusher handles construction waste

Construction waste disposal has also received attention since the city has carried out waste sorting,  and many cities have begun to explore the use of construction waste resources.Construction waste disposal project recycles construction waste by using mobile crushing station,through a series of operations such as automatic sorting, crushing, iron removal, screening, which can be processed into various sand and gravel aggregates. Which can be used as roadbed construction, recycled bricks, manufacturing of mixed materials, re-matching of concrete, etc.It can not only alleviate the current situation of resource shortage, but also avoid land waste and environmental pollution caused by landfill.

The mobile crushing station also has its own unique advantages. Its convenient transition, dual-use oil and electricity, energy saving and environmental protection features have attracted the attention of many customers.

1.The chassis adopts all-steel ship structure, high strength and more adaptability for the work site.
2.High-power travel motor with strong horsepower, safety and reliability.
3.Using well-known brand motors to achieve excellent performance of the power system, with low noise, energy saving and other characteristics.
4.According to the requirements of customers, we can supply all kinds of crushing and screening equipment, optimize the design of the whole machine, and fully guarantee the quality.
5.The mobile crusher can be equipped with generator sets to meet the normal operation requirements of complex situations such as no electricity or power failure, ensuring continuous operation and reducing losses.

Construction waste is a misplaced resource. It can be reused as a resource by sorting, removing iron and crushing.Desen has provided a complete set of equipment for many customers, and its operation results have been highly praised. If you want to invest in mobile crushing stations, you are welcome to consult directly.

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