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What are the wearing parts of the jaw crusher?

In the actual operation of the mining, due to the long-term high-pressure impact of materials such as stones, some parts of the body are prone to wear. The most common wear parts of the jaw crusher are: edge guards, movable jaws, fixed jaws, toggle plate, triangles. When selecting wear parts, it is often necessary to ask about the size, model, and material of the wear parts.

1. Side guard plate—The side guard plate of the jaw crusher is located between the fixed  plate and the movable plate. It is a high-quality high-manganese steel casting. It protects the frame of the jaw crusher in the whole body.

2.Tooth plate - The movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate of jaw crusher are high quality high manganese steel castings. In order to extend its service life, its shape is designed to be upper and lower symmetrical, that is, when one end is worn, the adjustable head is used. The movable tooth plate and the fixed tooth plate are the main affected areas when the stone is broken, and the movable tooth plate is mounted on the movable raft to protect the moving raft.

3.Toggle plate - The toggle plates of jaw crusher are precisely calculated cast iron parts. It is not just a force-transmitting component, but also a safety part of the crusher. When the crusher falls into the unbreakable material and the machine exceeds the normal load, the toggle plate is immediately broken and the crusher stops working, thereby avoiding damage to the entire machine.

4.The V-belt-the V-belt of Jaw Crusher is connected to the motor pulley and the sheave by a V-belt when the motor transmits power, and drives the eccentric shaft to reciprocate the moving cymbal according to a predetermined trajectory.

All the wearing parts of the jaw crusher produced by Desen Machinery are made of high quality wear-resistant materials, reasonable structure design, long service life of consumable parts, high production efficiency and low running cost, which is the best choice you can't miss.

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