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Factors affecting the output and quality of the ball mill

There are many factors affecting the output and quality of the ball mill. The main factors are as following:

1.Particle size of grinding materials
The size of the milled material has a great influence on the production and quality of the mill. The particle size is small, the mill has high production, high quality and low power consumption. When the particle size is large, the mill has low production and quality.

2.Grindability of materials
The grindability of the material refers to the difficulty of the material being ground. The national standard specifies the crushing work index Wi(kwh/t). The smaller the value, the better the material is ground, and the more difficult it is to grind, the higher the power consumption.
3.Water content of grinding materials
The grinding of ball mill can be divided into two ways: dry grinding and wet grinding. For the dry grinding method,  the grinding material water content has a great impact on the production and quality of the grinding machine.Therefore, ifthe materials with large water content,it is necessary to dry before grinding.
4.Temperature of grinding material
If the temperature of the grinding material is too high and the impact friction of the grinding body is excessive, the temperature inside the mill will be excessive, the ball sticking phenomenon will occur, the grinding efficiency will be reduced, and the mill output will be affected.

5.The fineness requirements of the grinding material.
The finer the fineness requirements of the gringing material, the capacity is lower , and vice versa, the capacity is higher.

6.Grinding process
For ball mills of the same specification, the closed-circuit process is 15-20% higher than the open-circuit process; in closed-circuit operation, choosing the proper powderselection efficiency and cycle load rate is an important factor in increasing mill output.

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