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Installment & Adjustment of Vibrating Feeder

The ZSW series of vibrating feeder is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, electric power and other industries. The machine is necessarily equipped before rough crushing in order to ensure the screening quality of being crushed. This machine has the ability of conveying large-block materials evenly, and at the same time it can not just remove soil, impurities, but also control the feed rate for following crushes. The ZSW series of vibrating feeder is a kind of economic feeding equipment.

a) Installment:

(1) For this series of vibrating feeder, in the process of feeding it is recommended to be installed with 0º , for viscous materials and large water content materials 5º of declination angle is acceptable. If it is used for proportioning, in order to ensure steady and even feeding, avoid leakage of materials, the feeder should be installed horizontally, and the suspension device adapts flexible connection.

(2) The surroundings of installed feeder should remain a allowed moving gap not less than 20mm, so the feeder is in a free condition.

(3) The transverse surface of installed feeder needs to be horizontal in order to avoid materials shift to one side when feeding.

(4) Wiring according electrical appliance diagrams and being protected by earthed.


b) Adjustment:

(1) Check if the oil has been lubricated to the prescriptive spot, and if all the fasteners are tightened, besides the wiring connection and insulating property need to be confirmed.

(2) In the process of trial, inspecting if the vibrating device operates with a positive direction uniform speed. Adjusting the wiring connection of the power in case it operates with negative direction.

(3) After having started the machine, the user should inspect the amplitude, materials moving direction, electric current, transmission part, feed rate. If any one of above doesn’t meet the requirement, the user may adjust the grate bar, and the machine should be no-load operated for 2 hours.

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