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What are ways about tye mining machinery maintenance ?

Maintenance of machinery and equipment is necessary, especially when exposed to open air, and its frequency of use is 

relatively high. At this time, proper maintenance can extend the service life and increase production efficiency.

Analysis of Causes of Mine Machinery Failure

First,the reasons for the management mechanism.
Second, the reasons for management technology and related facilities
Third, the reasons for the maintenance personnel themselves
Fourth, the reasons for the specific maintenance operation

2. Maintenance strategy of mining machinery and equipment
First, strengthen the education and training of mechanical equipment maintenance personnel.
Second, the mechanical maintenance work is effectively implemented.
Third, improve and innovate the repair mode and method of mine machinery equipment failure repair

The maintenance and repair of mining machinery and equipment varies according to the environment in which the machinery is located. According to the working strength of the mechanical equipment and the environment, proper maintenance and repair frequency can effectively reduce the failure rate. Only in this way, the formation of a scientific use of machinery in the mining enterprises can truly improve the reliability of mining machinery and equipment, reduce production costs, and improve the efficiency of enterprises.

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