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The Installation of Stone Crushing Line in Vietnam

We have just completed the installation of a stone crushing line with a capacity of 200-300 TPH in Vietnam. Main equipment including PE1012 Jaw Crusher ,PF1320 Impact Crusher, and 3YK2460 Vibrating Screen as the pictures shows:

In the installation process of the stone production line, there are also some problems and details that need our attention:

1.Installation location:
Selecting the installation position of the stone crushing line according to the location and actual conditions of the raw material.

2.Installation according to the drawings:
According to the drawing of the production line designed by the engineer, it is necessary to consider the difference between the drawing and the scene, and make some adjustments to the details if necessary.

3.Post-installation debugging:
After the installation of the stone production line, some necessary inspections should be carried out, such as checking whether the lubricating oil pipes are firmly connected, detecting whether the connection of the motor wires of each machine is correct, and whether the detection voltage is correct.

Reasonable attention to detail, reasonable configuration and installation of stone production lines can not only improve work efficiency, but also play an active role in machine protection, reduce unnecessary maintenance costs, improve the life and efficiency of sand and gravel production lines, and save enterprise costs. To create more and better value for the company.

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