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3 kinds of crushing and grinding process Introduction

More crushing less grinding process

Crushing is mainly realized by crushing equipment's extrusion and impact on materials, while grinding is mainly realized by grinding equipment's impact, grinding and stripping. Among them, grinding is an operation with low energy consumption and high efficiency. The power consumption of crushing operation only accounts for 8% ~ 12% of the grinding operation, and the energy utilization efficiency of crushing operation is much higher than that of grinding operation.

The most economical and effective design or transformation plan is to consider the crushing and grinding as a whole, determine a reasonable crushing product granularity, give play to the advantages of low crushing energy consumption, increase the processing capacity of crushing equipment, reduce the grinding granularity as far as possible, implement more crushing and less grinding, in order to achieve the best.

Stage grinding stage separation process

When the ore is laid with fine and uneven grain size and needs fine grinding to obtain high grade concentrate, appropriate separation method should be adopted after coarse grinding to throw out part of tailings and select part of qualified concentrate, and then the intermediate ore is grinded and separated again, which is the stage grinding and stage separation technology.In fact, not only grinding operations, the entire processing operations are following the "can be collected early, can be cast early" guidelines.This requires that the grinding operation should be as far as possible to use the stage grinding, as well as the time to remove gangue minerals, not only to reduce the grinding burden, avoid over-grinding, reduce the loss of metal minerals, but also to reduce the subsequent separation of the amount of work, reduce the cost.

Selective grinding process

The so-called selective grinding is the grinding using the selective dissociation and selective grinding of minerals, the purpose of which is to make the grinding operation have some selectivity.The primary purpose of grinding is not to reduce the size of the ore, but to dissociate the useful minerals from the gangue minerals.Selective grinding has been widely used in the production of metal ore, non-metal ore and coal mine, especially in the production practice of molybdenum ore.


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