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What are the advantages of Concrete Pumps ?

With years of producing experience, our concrete pumps have high quality, long transporting distance, and stable performance. Here we want to introduce the characteristics and advantages of our concrete pumps.

Firstly, our machine has sleek design, novel appearance, reasonable layout, and compact structure, which can greatly improve the rigidity of the machine.

Secondly, the oil pump and valve group adopt world famous brand, which can ensure the high reliability and good performance of the machine. Besides that, the diesel 

engine adopts Volvo, DEUTZ, and other high-end brands, which make the machine having reliable performance and strong power.

Then, the hopper of our concrete pump has large volume, no accumulated materials, no dead end and superior abrasion resistance. In addition, our pumps adopt large 

diameter and long distance oil tank, which can greatly enlarge the construction distance.

At last, our machines adopt double pump double circuit open hydraulic system, which make it easy to operate the machine and prolong the service life of the machine too.

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