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What are the advantages of the heavy hammer crusher?

The heavy hammer crusher is a kind of crusher with mature technology in the modern industry. The equipment has the characteristics of one-time forming of crushed stone, high efficiency, convenience, environmental protection and energy saving, and has high recognition in the market. So what are the advantages of the heavy hammer crusher?

The Advantages of Heavy Hammer Crusher 
1. Large crushing ratio and high output
The crushing ratio is large, generally 10-25, and the high ratio is 50. The production efficiency is high. The output can 
reach 3,000 tons in a single machine, and other types of crushers are far behind.
2. The wide range of applications
Heavy hammer crusher is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, chemical and water conservancy industries, suitable for crushing limestone and medium hardness materials with compressive strength below 250Mpa.
3.Low cost and energy consumption
The heavy hammer crusher integrates coarse crushing and shaping functions in the process of crushing stone materials, and does not need to undergo secondary crushing and shaping process, which can reduce equipment and energy consumption costs.
4.Simple and reasonable structure
The structure is simple and the maintenance is convenient. The new type of heavy hammer crusher does not have a purlin and a sieve plate, so the probability of material blockage can be greatly reduced, and the production capacity can be improved.
5. Safe and reliable operation
Large-diameter spindles and heavy-duty mainframes provide rugged and reliable operation. The iron protection device and the automatic control system enable automatic safety protection.
6.Good grain size
The impact energy can be used to crush the material, and the product has good grain shape. In addition, the hammer head is cast by modern technology and high-chromium alloy wear-resistant material, and the service life is increased several times.

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