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Limestone Impact Crusher

Limestone has good thermal conductivity, water absorption, sound insulation, and polishing properties, and is widely used in important industrial fields such as building materials, construction, chemicals, agriculture, and chemistry, and its 
application value in the steel and cement industries is particularly significant.

The hardness of limestone is not large. Generally, limestone impact crusher is used for medium and fine crushing. The 

production capacity of this equipment is between 30-800t / h, and the feed grains that can be accommodated are


Performance advantages of limestone impact crusher:
1.Advanced technology and low investment cost
The equipment has a small floor area, low capital construction costs, and its own low price, which can greatly reduce the 
investment cost of enterprises.

2.Multi-chamber crushing, good effect
A three-stage crushing cavity design is adopted, which can make limestone crushing more fully, effectively improve the 
crushing ratio and improve the crushing effect.

3.High-quality materials and strong quality
The hammer and impact plate of this equipment are made of high-quality steel materials that are resistant to wear and 
compression, which can effectively improve the quality of the equipment.

4.Safe and reliable, stable operation
Fully implemented safety insurance measures can effectively improve the use safety during the operation of the crusher and reduce unnecessary failure losses.

5.Strong adaptability and large production capacity
This equipment has very good environmental adaptability, and can maintain its good operating condition even in the harshest environment. In addition, the crushing cavity opening is enlarged and deepened, which can accommodate more limestone materials and greatly improve its production ability.

6.Energy saving and environmental protection
There is almost no dust and noise generated in the whole crushing process, and the energy consumption is very low, and the energy saving and environmental protection effect is extremely outstanding.

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