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Granite Cone Crusher with Good Environmental Performance

The conventional crusher cannot achieve its ideal crushing effect due to the high hardness of granite, Desen developed granite cone crusher for granite hardness and composition,This equipment has a good structure and outstanding performance. It has become one of the primary selection equipment in granite processing plants.

Granite cone crusher performance advantages
1.Reasonable structure and low investment cost
This equipment adopts mature crushing technology, and at the same time accommodates the advantages of domestic traditional cone crushers. Its technical content is very high and the structure of the equipment is more stable.In addition, all components have been optimized and improved, the configuration is more reasonable, the equipment volume has been effectively reduced, and the floor space has been reduced by about 1/3. Therefore, the capital investment in equipment has also decreased year-on-year.

2.Mature design and high crushing efficiency
Realized the right combination of speed and stroke, which increased the equipment's rated power and throughput capacity by 30%, thereby effectively improving its crushing efficiency.In addition, the raw materials used in this equipment have been screened layer by layer, which has good abrasion resistance, compression resistance, impact resistance, ruggedness, and reliability, which can ensure the durability of the equipment.

3.Stable operation and good crushing effect
This equipment adopts mature technical parameters and crushing principle to make its operation more stable and reliable. At the same time, the main components are equipped with a wear-resistant protective layer, which can reduce wear and further ensure the stability of the equipment.

4. Thin oil lubrication, greener and more environmentally friendly
The equipment has a hydraulic protection device, which can improve the safety of the equipment and ensure the safety of the equipment and surrounding personnel.At the same time, the equipment uses a special thin oil lubrication design, which not only saves the use of lubricating oil, but also ensures that the lubrication point is clean and tidy.

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