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New equipment -Soil sampler

This year, ZHENGZHOU DESEN has independently developed a new equipment -- soil sampling machine, which makes soil sampling easier and more efficient.

The 528LS soil sampling machine is a highly integrated drilling rig specially designed for the soil remediation industry. It is equipped with tools such as soil sampling, groundwater well construction, and soil gas extraction to form a complete set of soil and groundwater environmental sampling and remediation intelligent system.It can realize long distance wireless remote control, can switch between high and low speed when walking, triangle walking track device, the site through more strong;The device pushes the casing into the soil in a direct manner, without water injection, and can continuously and rapidly take out cylindrical soil samples at a specific depth without external interference.It can be directly used for soil and groundwater remediation after replacing rotary jet injection module.



Projects for survey and treatment of contaminated sites;Soil environment exploration in agriculture and forestry;Geological exploration;


Outstanding advantages:

1. Lightweight design, compact structure and flexible hole adjustment;

2. constant hydraulic system, full power, fast plug hydraulic connector, working device easy to remove, easy to repair and maintenance;

3.  Exclusive 70P drill bit, professional microwave strike technology, high-power impact power, improve sampling efficiency;

4.  High degree of automation, which can monitor various indicators and parameters of equipment in the working process in real time;

5. The whole machine can be controlled by remote wireless remote control, and it can be operated in complex areas with narrow space and loose geology, which is convenient for field operation;

6. Triangular track device is adopted to make it more passable in polluted sites;

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