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What is the effect of flotation time on flotation index?What factors affect flotation time?

For each ore, there is a suitable flotation time, if the flotation time is too short, the recovery rate is low, if the flotation time is too long, the concentrate quality will be reduced, and it is not economical.Therefore, flotation time should be determined by experiment and production practice.

Factors affecting flotation time include:

1) ore properties (such as floatability and floating mineral content);

2) feed size of flotation;

3) pulp concentration;

4) pharmaceutical system;

5) forms of mineral separation.

The general rules are as follows: the better the floatability of minerals, the less the content of the minerals to float, the moderate particle size (not too fine) of the flotation machine, the smaller the pulp concentration, the faster and stronger the pharmaceutical effect, and the stronger the aeration agitation, the flotation time is short.

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