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The Structure and Principle of Mobile Stone Crushing Production Line

The mobile stone crushing production line is a new sandstone material processing production line that breaks the traditional sandstone production line. It is a high-efficiency, convenient and fast sandstone material crushing production line.The mobile crushing line has the structure as following:

1.Feeding System:
The function of the vibrating feeder system is to evenly feed the raw materials into the primary crushers;
2.Crushing System:
The crushing system include primary and secondary crushing.Generally,Jaw crusher is used for the primary crushing; Impact crusher or cone crusher as the secondary grade Crusher.
3.Screening System:
Screening the crushed material from the secondary crusher into different size of final product; Another function is prescreening, ro reduce thepowder and improve the crushing efficiency.
4.Conveyor system:

The transmission machinery of the stone crushing line is mainly belt conveyors.In certain occasions the chute can also achieve the transport of ore.

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