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The Common Problems of Raymond Mill Encountered in Operating

As the environment of Raymond Mill is relatively poor,It is also unavoidable for users to have some minor faults when using Raymond Mill equipment, We do not have to panic when we encounter problems, Zhengzhou Desen Heavy Industry  sums up the introduction:

1.Raymond mill production to reduce the amount of grinding powder, or no powder.On the one hand is sealed lax, causing the powder was sucked up by the fan; Another aspect of Raymond Mill's blade wear is too much, no way to shovel the material.

2.Raymond Mill work for a host of heat, which is the cause of oil.Oil is too thick so that screw can not play, the bearing lack of oil.

3.Our most common problem of  Raymond Mill is that the fan vibrates too much. This may be the screw loose, and perhaps the fans of the fan wear

4.Noise problem,This is mainly caused by three aspects:The roller and the grinding ring are damaged;Too little feeding of the material  will cause Raymond Mill not working,Rotation of the vibration is relatively large;Material impact is relatively large.

5.The Bearing problem. Raymond Mill in working is most likely to damage the bearing, This reason depends on our daily maintenance .

Above these points is the daily operation of Raymond Mill , and hope to help everyone. If there are other technical aspects of the operation, you are welcome to inquire.

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