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Wearing Parts of Jaw Crusher Introduction

In the gravel production line, the jaw crusher is a common mining machinery used to crush ore, With high crushing capacity, the jaw crusher can be used to crush and process a variety of ores. As a common equipment used to crush ore, the jaw crusher has lots of components. Next, DESEN mining machinery will talk about the nip angle of the jaw crusher with you.
The size of the nip angle of the jaw crusher has a great influence on the property of the jaw crusher to crush ore. With the increase of the nip angle of the crushing machine, its crushing ratio will be increased while the productivity of the jaw crusher will be decreased. However, if the jaw crusher's nip angle is too big, it is probable that the unprocessed material will be pushed out of the crushing cavity of the jaw crusher. Therefore, there should be a certain range of the nip angle of the jaw crusher, the size of which can be determined by the force analysis.

In the operation of the jaw crusher, some material may turn over at the inlet of the machine because it is impossible that the particle size of the materials are totally the same. At this time, the nip angle is so small that the material of big block will jam between the two jaw plates.

Thus, it should be noticed that the range of the nip angle of the jaw crusher should be 18-22. As for the middle-sized jaw crusher, it should be 18-20. And that of the small and medium-sized one should be 20-22.

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